Saturday, 1 November 2008

The End

I have decided to do my tag offers via email from now on. If you would like to receive the offers email me and let me know and I will add you to the list. I did consider closing this blog completely by have decided to keep it open and write in here when I feel the mood upon me. To this end I am adding a poem that I wrote today while in a very meloncholy mood. Hope you like it.
Oh and in case you forgot or are a new visitor my email is

Eternal Love

Once upon a heartbeat I looked into your eyes,
And there I saw before me a love that never dies.
I saw our years together from beginning until end,
And all the things we shared, the lives we got to tend.
I saw the leaves of autumn, felt the breathe of early spring,
I saw the hope between us when you gave me your ring.
I felt the cool of winter, the bite of angry words,
The brilliance of summer and whispers hardly heard.
I felt your arms surround me, the touch of skin on skin,
Your tears upon my shoulder when trouble came to sin.
I heard your sweet, sweet laughter, joined you in the roar,
I knew the pain of heartbreak when you last past through the door.
I know we are together, even when we're far apart,
For you are in my soul my love, in my ever beating heart